Waste Auditing

Underpinning waste strategy and bench marking recycling performance

Understanding the type and quantity of waste to be handled is essential when deciding on collection and treatment options. Waste composition and quantity is influenced by factors including frequency of collection, type of containers used, population demographics, type of housing served, and participation rates.
Achievement of recycling targets depends on a sound understanding of waste arisings, which can be confirmed by data collected by ORA's experienced team of waste auditors.

Audit planning & execution

Establishing a sound database to inform waste management decisions and the development of innovative and integrated waste management strategies incorporating:

Waste Audit
Waste auditing

Data processing

Provision of sound data for assessment of waste reduction and processing options to achieve the best environmental and economic solution.

Interpretation of results

Assessment of the efficiency of existing recycling schemes, evaluating:

Waste projections and forward planning

Development of qualitative and quantitative waste stream projections which provide the basis for:

Meeting compliance targets

Establishment of quantitative data to monitor progress in relation to achievement of recycling and composting targets.