Collection Systems

Integrated solutions to optimise performance

ORA has extensive experience in the design, implementation and optimisation of integrated waste collection services which meet the needs of our clients. These generally include one or more of the following:

Recycling Scheme Evaluation
Minimisation of waste

We believe that effective and appropriate waste collection services are a crucial component of a sustainable waste management strategy and a key means of achieving recycling targets. ORA has been involved in the implementation and evaluation of a wide range of collection services in metropolitan, urban and rural areas of the UK.

An accurate knowledge of residual waste composition is an essential precursor to the design of waste services and improvement of recyclable and organics segregation. ORA can design, manage and deliver waste audits to a client’s requirements.

Recycling Communication
Resourcing, implementing, monitoring

ORA can develop bespoke cost models for local authority clients in order to estimate the cost of waste collection services based upon our considerable experience in service design and performance. In addition we are competent in the use of the Kerbside Analysis Tool (KAT) and have been commissioned by WRAP to use KAT on behalf of numerous local authority clients across the UK.

ORA are trained and experienced in the use of WRATE (Waste and Resources Assessment Tool for the Environment ) for the life cycle analysis (LCA) of different waste collection scenarios. Please see our LCA page for more information.

Refuse and Recycling Collection Projects

Please click here to view case studies which involve refuse and recycling collections.