Technical Due Diligence

With our broad and in-depth knowledge of waste treatment technologies, ORA is well placed to undertake technical due diligence on a wide range of processes, from the established to new and innovative designs.

Technical Due Diligence
Construction management

ORA can act as an investor's technical representative and is able to provide sound, independent advice on the technical suitability of waste treatment technology for financial institutions considering whether a given project is appropriate for financial backing.
Having established this, ORA can offer technical support to financial institutions during project development. This support can be either on an ad hoc basis, as project managers or as the investor's engineer.

Construction verification

In some instances during construction it is necessary to verify the stage of the construction process and the specification of the materials being used for construction. Through ORA’s project management experience of the construction of waste treatment facilities we are well placed to perform this task, giving the client peace of mind that the project is progressing as planned.