Owner's Engineer

With our experience in the management and optimisation of solid waste processing facilities, ORA is in an excellent position to offer an owner’s engineer service. This service provides our clients with an independent engineer’s opinion during tendering, construction, commissioning and operation of a facility.

During tendering

During the tendering process, ORA, as the owner’s engineer, provides input on the design of the facility, from a technical and legislative viewpoint. ORA prides itself in having offered advice to some of the largest winning bids in the UK. During the tendering process it is important to ensure that all tests and guarantees to which the facility will be tied are achievable both technically and financially. ORA are experienced in the review of commissioning tests and ensuring that a realistic and deliverable bid is put forward.

During construction

The construction phase can present unforeseen circumstances. As owner’s engineer ORA can work to offer solutions when required, and review changes that are made to the design from an independent and experienced viewpoint.

During commissioning

Commissioning is the first phase in optimising a facility when material is first processed. ORA are independent of laboratories used in testing, and hence we can offer an impartial view on getting the most out of results and confidently demonstrating the abilities of a facility.

During operation

Once full service commencement begins, ORA can be retained as owner’s engineer to proactively make suggestions regarding technical and regulatory changes. ORA are experienced in monitoring the ‘health’ of facilities and can recommend action without prompting, not only when there are clear issues, but also when symptoms appear which may lead to chronic problems. As financial, technical and legislative frameworks change, facilities may need adaptation to reach full optimisation. ORA keep abreast of changes which affect the climate in which waste facilities work within, and are well positioned to suggest changes to make the most of your asset.