ORA win place on new Pro5 national consultancy services framework including ‘waste and recycling’

Pro5 has established a national framework for the provision of consultancy services for use by all local authorities and public sector organisations including educational establishments, the emergency services, NHS bodies, registered charities and social landlords, central government departments and their agencies. The new framework builds upon the success of previous national frameworks with the inclusions of a wider range of areas of expertise including ‘waste and recycling’ as well as twenty other diverse areas such as asset management and delivery, education and learning, and finance. The framework will run until at least January 2015, with the possibility to extend until January 2017.

ORA has succeeded in winning a place on the framework for the provision of consultancy services in relation to waste and recycling.

Public sector procurement through ESPO

Dr. Hugh Bulson is managing director at ORA and speaking about the framework he stated “ORA has been providing consultancy services to local authorities since our establishment in 1996. We have always sought to pioneer the development of innovative waste to resource management systems. We are delighted that Pro5 have recognised and see the value in ORA’s expertise. We look forward to providing support under this framework across the waste to resource management cycle from the design and optimisation of waste collection services, to the management of treatment facilities including mechanical and biological treatment, anaerobic digestion and composting through the design, construction and operational stages. We hope that the new Pro5 framework will allow local authorities to secure our services more efficiently and cost effectively, without the need for lengthy and costly procurement exercises. All these formalities have been carried out by Pro5 to establish the framework, which means that clients may simply approach the nominated framework consultants, without the need to advertise or go through pre-qualification”.

For further information please visit the ESPO website or contact:

Pro5 on 0116 294 4011 or email michellebrankovic@espo.org
or Hugh Bulson of ORA on 01684 585423 or hbulson@o-r-a.co.uk.