Technical Consultancy during the Design, Construction and Commissioning of Two MBT Facilities

ORA was appointed technical advisor to Lancashire County Council (LCC) for their waste management PFI project. LCC set out to procure a waste network with 11 intergrated waste management facilities comprising three MBT facilities, seven enclosed composting facilities, one MRF, and seven waste transfer stations. Following the invitation to negotiate (ITN) submissions, revise and confirm bid (RACB) and preffered bidder stages of the process this was rationalised to two MBT (with AD) facilities each with a capacity of 170 ktpa, two enclosed composting facilites each of 55 ktpa, one MRF with a capacity of 50 ktpa and one dry recyclate transfer station with a capacity of 48 ktpa.

First stages in construction

In the role of technical advisors to LCC, ORA undertook the following tasks for the project:

Following the appointment of the preffered bidder, ORA and LCC officers worked to resolve points of clarification, to define the scope of their service and the specification of the waste management facilities for the project. This has included:

Thornton Waste Technology Park - Percolators
Percolators during construction

As LCC's technical adviser, ORA attended a series of public exhibitions for the four sites organised to inform local residents of the proposed facilities.

Education centre at Farington Waste Technology Park
Education centre at Farington Waste Technology Park

Following financial close in 2007, ORA was retained by LCC as technical consultants and advised on and monitored the design and construction of the two central waste treatment facilities, each comprising MBT (170ktpa) with enclosed composting (55ktpa), a transfer station and an MRF (50ktpa).

The core functions of the service that was delivered by ORA were:

ORA continued to monitor the performance of the facilities on site during commissioning and report to LCC on progress towards acceptance tests and full service commencement.