Process Optimisation and Troubleshooting

Optimisation of a facility starts once commissioning begins and can take place at any point in the facility's future. ORA has been actively involved in the optimisation of numerous projects, covering a range of MBT, AD and composting processes. Facilities may need to be optimised for a variety of reasons, including regulatory changes, changes to a facility's input and requirements for increased performance. Troubleshooting draws on the same skills in understanding the process and data to be able to complete the solution.

Optimisation of MBT facilities

MBT facilities require a spread of skills to be optimised to their best. ORA are experienced in the optimisation of facilities including pre-treatment, in-vessel composting and anaerobic digestion parts of the process. Optimisation requires a thorough understanding of any process and so good quality data is an essential starting point for making progress. Waste auditing is often the first port of call for MBT facilities and ORA has conducted its own audits and is experienced in analysing data collected by others.

Once a period of testing has been undertaken, through waste auditing or other quality measures, then ORA can suggest which changes an operator can do in order to maximise the choosen effect. Repeating the tests at a later date can then be used to demonstrate a change to the output/effect of the facility.

Optimisation of AD facilities

AD facilities not only often require optimisation to work at their best but also can suffer from a number of both acute and chronic problems. Process optimisation can help operators to avoid acute problems and to spot chronic issues before they have a detremental impact on the facility.

In contrast to pre-treatment facilities, AD operations usually require a number of chemical analyses to be undertaken before optimisation strategies are conceived. ORA uses its idependent position to inform AD operators without influence from the laboratories which test the materials nor technology providers.

PAS110 is becoming increasingly important in AD, and ORA can help to optimise facilities not only by working towards PAS110 complience but also help digestate producers to optimise the nutrient content and develop digestate spreading options.

Optimisation of composting facilities

Making the best use of assets in a composting operation can be essential in a climate with changing gate fees and regulation. Using resources such as composting tunnels, concrete pads and feedstock resources to their full potential, ORA has helped composting operators make the best use of their facilities. OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) is a technique which often lends itself to identifying which parts of an operation are most worthwhile optimising.