Market and Product Development

A key element of a sustainable waste management strategy

Compost product marketing
Compost market development

Compost Product Development

In order to develop a sucessful product, ORA assess the following to suit the needs of both the waste processor and the product consumer:

Marketing Strategy

Assessment of raw materials for potential to meet the above requirements and the development of blends of different raw materials to produce the required product, considering:

Product application
Compost applications

Brokering services

ORA acts as a broker to match the requirements of the supplier and compost producer to users of the final product.

Analytical services

Testing of product quality and reporting in relation to the intended use properties, for example:

Greenhouse trials and field trials can be conducted if required.

Compost trials
Compost trials

Quality Control

ORA offers development of quality control procedures to meet the needs of the market and regulatory authorities, and independent advice on the appropriate technology for the production of compost. Advice on hardware and software for monitoring and tracking the movement of material through the process is also offered, including:

Assistance with compliance with standards and statutory requirements including: