Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Projects

A selection of ORA's projects involving anaerobic digestion (AD) are shown; some have reports available to download in pdf format.

Development of a conceptual AD facility

ORA developed a conceptual model of an AD facility to assist with a planning application. ORA reviewed potential technologies, undertook a feedstock survey and developed mass, heat and water balances. Drawings of the planned facility were presented in plan and elevation. Click here to read more.

Review of AD monitoring data and optimisation recommendations

ORA was engaged by Branston to review their AD monitoring data with an emphasis on reviewing the effects from the addition of trace metal elements. ORA visited the site and undertook a comprehensive data review. A concise report was presented to Branston which examined evidence for the possible benefits of supplementing the digester to maintain an optimal process. Recommendations for action were also provided.

Technical Consultancy during the Design, Construction and Commissioning of Two MBT Facilities

As technical advisors to Lancashire County Council, ORA prepared the technical sections of tender documents and evaluated responses to these. At preferred bidder stage, ORA negotiated with the bidder on behalf of the council and were retained as technical consultants post financial close and continue to monitor the performance of facilities towards full service commencement. For more infomation please click here.

Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Use model

ORA designed a spreadsheet model for the Carbon Trust which analyses the economics and carbon impact of anaerobic digestion. The model encompassed a range of plausible feedstocks, sizes and biogas utilisation options. For more infomation please click here.

Biomethane to grid

Biogas to grid

A concise and high level summary of issues relating to the use of biomethane in the UK gas grid was written. Information was sourced internally using ORA's experience in AD with additional data in respect of European practice sourced from ORA's partner, IGLux. Current UK practice was confirmed through a personal approach to key industrial, commercial and legislative organisations. Click here to view the report, published by WRAP in December 2011.

Feasilibility study for housing supplied with energy from AD

This study for a county council determined the potential for anaerobic digestion to provide renewable energy and district heating to new housing developments. Four scenarios involving household food waste and co-mingled food and garden waste were considered. Economics, greenhouse gas emissions, end use of outputs and regulations such as ABPR and LATS were evaluated.