Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) Projects

A selection of ORA's projects involving mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) are shown; some have reports available to download in pdf format.

LATS Sampling at an MBT Facility

ORA was contracted to undertake waste input and output sampling at an MBT reference facility and then to analyse samples for biodegradability to determine the potential BMW reduction being achieved. Methodology was adapted from Environment Agency guidance. Laboratory analyses of all samples comprised dry matter, LOI, BMc and DR4. The results gave the client an understanding of the procedures involved in assessing the reduction in biodegradability at future MBT facilities.

Technical Consultancy during the Design, Construction and Commissioning of Two MBT Facilities

As technical advisors to Lancashire County Council, ORA prepared the technical sections of tender documents and evaluated responses to these. At preferred bidder stage, ORA negotiated with the bidder on behalf of the council and were retained as technical consultants post financial close and continue to monitor the performance of facilities towards full service commencement. For more infomation please click here.