Development of a conceptual AD facility

ORA was engaged by C.Spencer, a multi-discipline engineering contractor to develop a conceptual model of an AD facility to assist with a preliminary planning application. The study was conducted in three phases and contributed to the client being granted planning permission for their facility:

Process flow of conceptual AD facility

Phase 1 - Review of the potential technologies available

Phase 2 - Survey of possible sources of feedstocks available in the vicinity of the proposed site

Having agreed a realistic transport radius with the client, ORA contacted nearly 200 organisations likely to be producing food waste, including:

Estimates were then compiled of the most likely available sources of suitable feedstocks within the chosen catchment area.

Phase 3 - The preliminary development of a conceptual AD facility

The findings of phases 1 & 2 were reviewed and notional assumptions regarding feedstock qualities and quantities were agreed with the client. ORA was than able to develop the following:

Drawings based on the conceptual design were presented in plan and elevation along with a summary report and evaluation.