Procurement Support

A service tailored to fit a client’s specific needs

Tender Evaluation
Bid review team

ORA has much experience in supporting parties letting contracts, those bidding for contracts and investors during the procurement process. Our service to investors is detailed in our Technical Due Diligence page.

Preparation of tender documents, including PFI and PPP contracts

ORA has experience in preparing tender documents, and in particular the technical sections, for:

Technology selection

Selection of the most appropriate technology for a given site, operator or feedstock is complex because of the variety now on offer. As independent consultants we are able to review the advantages and disadvantages of a range of technologies and give an opinion on which we consider to be the most appropriate.

Process and site design

ORA has extensive experience in the design of waste treatment facilities including MBT, AD and composting to create a cohesive and functional process. We offer a complete design service starting with mass balance studies through to site layout and process design.

Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT)
Composting hall under construction

Tender review and appraisal

Where a tendering process is underway, there is often a need for objective, independent and expert technical appraisal of submitted tenders. ORA has worked with public and private sector clients in this capacity, reviewing tenders, and reporting on a wide range of technical issues.

Investment, operation and life cycle cost analysis

ORA can draw on extensive experience to project capital, operating and lifecycle costs for future situations. ORA has developed budgets both as part of feasibility studies at the start of a project and for verification of submitted costs during a tendering process.

Construction management

ORA has experience of managing construction of waste facilities for both the public and private sectors, to ensure best value for money is obtained. This ranges from initial conception to financial close, and covers design, manufacturing, construction, commissioning and handover.